Email Transfer – Release of Liability

Email Transfer Process

  1. Sign up for your new email service (ie: MXRoute). To transfer email, the new email service must be IMAP.
    Note: There is no guarantee that our email transfer service will work with your new email service.
  2. Create the email accounts needed in the new service.
  3. Fill out the Emails to Transfer sheet. This sheet will need the following information. Send in worksheet via secure message as an attachment via the Secure Message System.
    • Email account and password for existing email account(s).
    • Email account, password, and mailserver (this should be provided to you by your new email service) for new email account(s).
    Note: Should incorrect information be provided, additional coordination for passwords will be required and email transfers will be delayed.
  4. Coordinate to set start date for email transfer to take place. Email migrations may take anywhere from 1 to 5+ business days (depending on email box sizes) to complete. During this time email may not be usable.
  5. Once the email transfers are completed, the DNS will need to be changed for the new email service. Coordination for the DNS will be completed through the ticket. Provide the DNS settings needed by your email service via your working ticket.
    Note: Typically, these settings will be provided to you by the email service you sign up with.
  6. Upon completion of the email transfers and DNS changes, you will be provided with a cPanel backup of your existing hosting account.
  7. Complete the Email Transfer – Completion Approval form.
  8. Change all passwords for new email account(s) and any other passwords shared with the technician for the completion of email transfers.
I understand this is a legal representation of my signature.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Upon submission of this form, a copy of the information contained above will be sent to the email address above.
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