Email Services

Email is not included in the Web Design program. However, there are plenty of third part options available to you. Below are just a few of the more popular services for email.***

Google Workspace

“A flexible, innovative solution for people and organizations to achieve more. See why millions of businesses love and rely on Google Workspace for their business needs.”

Microsoft Exchange

“Reimagine productivity with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Work smarter with business-class email and calendaring.”


“Email hosting for your domains. Because you’re tired of email being an afterthought.”

How to Choose an Email Service

When considering what email service to utilize, we suggest that you consider the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean we will lose all emails ending

The email addresses are tied to the domain in a sense. So as long as you have the domain (or PSAB or CourseVector does), you can create whatever email addresses you’d like provided you have a location to host them. So say you have three email addresses with us:, and You would then recreate the same email addresses with the new email host to mirror what you already have.

One comment regarding having to buy a domain, you need to own a domain regardless to host a website in general so it’s not specific to just email. A domain is required to have any named location on the internet, otherwise people would have to memorize the IP address of the server they want to visit which would be impractical.

What happens to my old emails?

We can assist in migrating them to a service of your choosing. So if you decide to go with Microsoft 365, we will help migrate the emails to the new service. So say you have three email addresses with us:, and You would then recreate the same email addresses with the new email host to mirror what you already have. Then you migrate the emails, 1 for 1, to their corresponding email address from the old host to the new host. Any limitations in this process would be up to the new host.

How do we go about downloading our emails so that we do not lose them?

Software like Mailstore ( ) can be used to download email. If you have your email client configured to use POP3 instead of IMAP, it will have already downloaded your email. There are many other 3rd party software options that can also be used to download email as well.

While we do not have general instructions on downloading email, we do offer information on how to transfer to a new email host. We are also able to provide a backup of your cPanel account which will contain all your email in a large zip file. This will be in a standard cPanel backup format easily handled by other hosts.

If you decide not to download your old emails, but you do get a new email host, many hosts will help migrate email to their service. We can provide an email transferring service to handle this for you (please keep in mind it will be billed at the standard hourly rate). If you don’t get a new email host, don’t download them, don’t do anything, we can at the bare minimum provide you with a download of the cPanel backup which contains all your emails. Otherwise, the emails would be lost.

Will our previous emails be transferred to our new host, and visible within our current email? (New and old available in the same place)?

This will vary by the new email host and what they will provide services for. It is possible though to have the transition appear seamless though.

During the migration process, will our email be down for any length of time? If so, how long will it be down?

This will vary by the new email host. But in most scenarios the only downtime will be when the domain is updated to point to the new server. Any changes to the domain can take up to a few hours to fully take effect. Barring that, it’s possible to synchronize two mail accounts so no mail will be lost during the transition. But again, this will vary based on the new email host.

During the migration process, will my contacts and addresses be transferred?

Unfortunately no. Contacts will not be transferred during this process.

***Please Note: The email services listed on this page are not endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs or it’s third-party administrator. The use of email services is at your own risk and may not comply with state or local security regulations. The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs or it’s third-party administrator makes no warranties, whatsoever, as to the fitness for use of these services. This page exists simply to assist your decision in finding an email service. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional IT provider on what service will work best for your municipality.

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